Christmas Dieting and Shopping

If you’re on a strict diet and it’s Christmas is around the corner, you’re pretty much screwed. Just imagine all the holiday treats. Even if you have the willpower of a wild boar, how do you explain to your parents, family and friends that you’re on a strict cut?

Christmas dinner

My holiday cutting diets usually turn into dirty bulking diets 3 days before Christmas. I pig out on the cookies, my mom’s homemade pies and don’t get me started on how much wine and beer we drink. It’s fun and it’s the one time I wish I wasn’t such a fitness freak. My macros go haywire and my calorie intake deviates like crazy. So it is the perfect time to bulk. Don’t worry too much tho, it’s easy to get back on track.

Besides the food, Christmas is a really pleasant season. I love that it gets chilly so i’ll be able to parade around in my comfy Pj’s and a robe all day long. Sipping on hot chocolate and lazing around all day. That’s my one true dream. But, it’s not going to happen I’ll have to chauffeur the kids around, run errands and of course go grocery shopping for that lavish Christmas dinner.

You guys know how I love shopping online. It’s easy, quick and I can do it whenever I want to. But it is kinda tricky when it comes to gift shopping. I can’t just get everyone a gym bag or a towel for the gym. It really takes time to think about the people that I’m buying gifts for.

I found a quick fix that was kinda impressive. This website had the best Christmas gifts for 2016 that could be sorted by personality and recipient. If you’re pressed for time or doing last minute Christmas shopping, you could give this website a shot. It certainly met my expectations.

Affordable and Convenient Coffee Grinders

I was seated on the couch after a tiring day, and I needed something that would make me feel relaxed and fresh. In that peaceful and quiet house, all alone, I required something would meet my relaxation objectives. So, I wanted a hot cup of coffee. I dashed to my kitchen, and there my close to perfect grinder sorted me out. It was quiet and ground my coffee considerably. Its ease of use makes it a great kitchen companion.


Sometimes when I have to wake up very early, and my head feels heavy, nothing can be more rejuvenating than freshly brewed coffee. This morning as I woke up to prepare my coffee cup, I recalled it has been two years since I bought my coffee grinder. The reason it had offered me excellent service was due to the great quality which matches my needs. But it’s time to look for the best burr grinder 2016.

It can be very discouraging to use a lot of money getting a grinder only to replace it every so often. You want a coffee grinder that will create value is durable and matches your preferences. The best thing about color is that most coffee grinders in the market have a neutral color thus can blend with most kitchen decors. However, there are other factors I have found essential while purchasing one.

Depending on your frequency of making coffee, you may prefer one grinder to another. If you need a portable coffee grinder, you may buy the GSI Outdoor java mill coffee grinder. It is small and mobile and very affordable. But if you need to make coffee daily for the family, that may not be the best option as it may require replacement within a short time. Baratza Vario-W Burr Grinder is an excellent choice, like the one I have. It is very easy to use, as you just set and when the desired weight is attained, it stops grinding. Such convenience from an affordable and durable coffee grinder can be the way to go to enjoy fresh coffee for your family.

Which espresso machine suits your need

In our world today, espresso machines are as many as there are many brands of coffee. These machines are not the same. They range from simple to complex machines. There are others that are exotic. The best thing is to determine your budget and how to intend to use your espresso machine. If you are looking for the best espresso machine 2016, then you need to figure out which one suits you best. This is because of there mechanically two types of espresso machines.

One is the steam-driven, and the other one is pump-driven. The steam driven espresso machine is still in use even today. It uses steam to force water through the coffee grounds so that one can get espresso coffee. The steam machines produce a foam, commonly known as ‘crema,’ but they do not provide a good temperature control to make the true espresso coffee. They have been described as producing a very strong cup of coffee. However, when you compare their prices with the pump driven machine, they are relatively cheaper.The pump driven machines use electricity to pump water through the coffee beans to produce espresso.


Again, this machine falls under two categories. We have the super automated espresso machine and the semi-automated espresso machine. The notion that super automated is better makes many people make a mistake while they are buying the machine. The super automated espresso machine takes a little time because it has automated everything. It is perfect for the people on the go since it takes little time out of their busy schedules, The semi-automatic machine is perfect for making connoisseur; it takes a little bit of your time.To make it easier to the customers, reviews on best espresso machines 2016 have been put on the market. This helps the buyers to avoid the confusion and get what they exactly need.

How to Go Greek II

I know that several of you are probably thinking, “I really want to like Greek yogurt but I just can’t get past the taste, texture, flavor, whatever…” No worries my friends, there are PLENTY of way ways to sneak Greek yogurt into your diet, so that you too can partake in the extensive health benefits it offers.

How to Go Greek

Dips and sauces

Use it in place of many other high calorie/high fat dips such as sour cream for chips, fajitas and tacos.


Add some Greek yogurt to your fruit or vegetable smoothie, and you won’t even know it’s there!

Whipped Cream

Top it over some fruit, ice cream, waffles or pancakes for a healthier version of a whipped topping.

Frozen Yogurt

Just throw it in the freezer and wait for it to freeze, or purchase the already frozen Greek yogurt such as this one made by Oikos.


Substitute it for some of the high fat ingredients such as oil, shortening, whole milk, butter and heavy cream when baking. By using Greek yogurt in place of these ingredients you will be saving on the cholesterol, fat and calories, but not losing out on the creaminess of say frosting, or the moistness of banana bread.

Dressing, Spread or Topping

Use it in place of a high calorie ranch dressing or mayonnaise, as well as a topping for a baked potato, or a tangy marinade for fish or chicken.

Baby Food

Mix it in with some of your baby’s baby food (such as mashed bananas), or allow them to eat it straight up by giving them some baby specific Greek yogurt brands such as Stonyfields YObaby or Chobani’s Champions ,specifically made for kids. Of course, you should always check with you pediatrician before feeding your child something new!

So there you have it my friends, several ways on how to “Go Greek”. No more excuses! Stay tuned for other Greek yogurt posts relating to recipe’s, brands, comparisons etc…

Have a great day!

Do you like Greek yogurt? If so, how often do you consume it?

What is your favorite way to have Greek yogurt?

Is there any specific post you would like to see in relation to Greek yogurt? For example posts about certain recipe’s, brands, comparisons, flavors etc…?

How to Go Greek I

Greek yogurt that is!

If you have not yet discovered the new trend revolving around Greek yogurt, please let me take a few minutes to enlighten you on this wonderful, and newly popular super food! Not only is Greek yogurt creamier and tangier than its conventional counterpart, it is also less sweet, healthier and keeps you feeling fuller longer! This is because it goes through a process that strains it extensively to remove most of the liquid whey, lactose, and sugar, giving it its thick consistency. Although it usually has about the same calories as other healthy non-Greek yogurts, it has double the protein and less than half of the sugar, carbs and sodium content! This alone makes it an excellent choice for diabetics and non-diabetics alike! Even the fat free/0% versions, taste just like many of the full-fat options.

If you have been following My Yogurt Addiction for a while you know that Greek yogurt is my favorite kind. I almost always enjoy a cup of 0%, plain Chobani mixed with some sort of “fix-in” (i.e: flax, chia, fruit etc…) for breakfast, as well as an afternoon or late night snack.

Tips For Selecting A Camping Air Mattress

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When embarking on a camping trip, be sure to carry the best air mattress for camping. This is the best way to ensure that you have an adequate neck and back support as you sleep. The good news is that a good number of air mattresses have a similar design to your own bed. There are a couple of things to look out for before you settle for any best air mattress for camping being offered for sale.

Firstly, pick out an air mattress which is elevated at least one foot above the ground. This is important because you need to experience maximum comfort as you get up on your camping air mattress. When it comes to inflating your air mattress, ensure that it becomes inflated to your desired level of firmness. The mattress has to have the ability to completely inflate without wobbling.

To check whether the air mattress of your choice has the desired level of firmness, inflate it and see how it feels. If it more or less feels like a water bed, this is a clear indication that it has failed the test for firmness. Therefore, it would be advisable to get the value for your money by choosing one that is firm enough to meet your specific needs.

Another option would be to go for a self-inflating air mattress. The limitation to this option is that an electric outlet may not always be available when you are camping, unless you get a solar powered tent. It is advisable to go for a mattress which has internal air pumps. These air pumps ought to be able to operate using rechargeable batteries. In case you camp at a spot close to your vehicle, an air pump which can operate with the help of a cigarette lighter would come in handy.

It is wise to choose an air mattress that is larger than you are. This will ensure that you have enough room to roll around while you sleep. It also allows you to keep other things on your bed. Use this fact to your advantage by keeping things such as glasses, shoes and a flashlight on the bed. All these items will be very beneficial at night should you get a call of nature.

The best air mattress for camping is one that is durable. Pay close attention to the sturdiness of a mattress before buying it. Always bear in mind that when a camping air mattress gets torn, you will be deprived of comfort and convenience while you sleep at night.

My opinion of the best sewing machine

Confusion is inevitable when shopping around for a good sewing machine. This is possible mainly because there is a world of endless possibilities out there. Regardless, it is important to ensure that you have spent money on the best sewing machine for your purpose. Apart from the issue of effectiveness, it is important to remember that you are spending quite an enormous chunk of money. These are the two primary reasons why I was being careful on finding the right sewing machine for my home-based fashion and design business.


So, what is the best sewing machine? I am not pretending to know everything that concerns a good sewing machine. However, I will just share with you some very helpful tips. This is how I got hold of my sewing machine.

Well when selecting my first sewing machine, I put three important factors into consideration. They include the brand, the price as well as the features. In my opinion, the best sewing machine must have the very basic characteristics. The most important ones are adjustable stitches – both straight and zigzag. At the very least, one should be able to accomplish most of the sewing tasks with these two fundamental stitches. I get to sew every other day and end up using zigzag and straight stitches most of the time.

I am not saying that the other stitches aren’t useful. In the end, the goodness of a machine is dependent on its abilities to help you accomplish your sewing tasks. Something else that determines the usefulness of a sewing machine is the brand. Admittedly, some brands are more durable and efficient compared to others. Brother and Singer are the best brands. Take the time to understand the material used to make different brands of sewing machines as well as the features they bear. This way, you should be able to rate a prospective sewing machine.

Lastly, the issue of price must come into play. Undoubtedly, the best sewing machines aren’t cheap. In that regard, if you are looking for the best machine, you may want to set aside a substantial amount of money. On the other hand, don’t be mistaken; not all expensive sewing machines are the best. There are some expensively sold models and makes that aren’t necessarily the best. It is important to take note of this. In fact, an affordable sewing machine could be just as great.

After this I’m going to get a serger. Although a sewing machine has almost all that I need, the serger will give my projects a finished look that is more professional.

My First Virtual Office

There are many factors that set me in search of a virtual or, as it’s sometimes called, serviced office.

The first, obvious reasons, are for productivity and professionalism. I no longer have to sit by the phone while waiting for an important call or message. Nor do I feel the awkwardness of providing my cell phone or home phone number to a client. Having found a space adds that all-important tinge of professionalism that my business had been lacking.

Perhaps the foremost reason for me, was that I wanted a respected address. I did some basic background research to determine which area would best suit my needs. I decided on a location nearby, in the metro area so as to be easily accessible to visiting customers and partners.


Also, I did not have time, nor the desire to deal with a lease or rental contract. And, if this location or particular office doesn’t work- it won’t be that difficult to change locations. Another factor that goes hand in hand with this; there is no down time. I don’t have to buy office equipment and then move things into the office for example. Everything, including people, is already there.

Personnel management is another big one. The office is fully staffed, they answer the phone, take messages, etc. Furthermore, if the receptionist is sick, that’s not my problem- my needs are still met without me having to worry: I still receive the same service.

Having found a space nearby, I am also able to use their facilities and pay only as needed. If I need a presentation or conference room then I will pay only for the time I’m actually using the space.

I like driving as much as the next guy, but I also hate traffic as much as the next guy. Where I’m from, any excuse to avoid using the highway is a good one. The virtual office I chose is also fully accessible online. So, even if I am currently out of town, across the country, I am still able to have the same level of access as if I were at home.

Finally, I am able to test the waters. If I decide to change pace, or completely change the path of my business I am still able to do so without the constraints of a rental agreement that comes with having my own brick and mortar space. However, if I do decide to move forward in my current endeavors then I am already one step closer to being able to take the plunge with a full market investment plan.

Getting A Quality Tent

campingA year ago, I was so frustrated with my job as a marketing representative I was willing to quit. A vacation was all I needed and when it came, hiking was my choice how to spend it. I had never gone camping before but the idea of spending time in the wild and doing something new was more than tempting. Besides, camping gave me the opportunity to calmly focus and plan my career.

I needed a lot of help planning for my backpacking trip. I knew few people who had gone camping. Most didn’t help much since they only referred a certain product they liked. My best chance at getting quality camping supplies and gear was the internet. At least it would provide some of the information I needed.

After finding the necessary gear such as flashlights, backpack and a cast iron skillet, my final purchase would be a backpacking tent. I didn’t want a tent that was too big and bulky. All I needed was a quality one person tent that was easy to carry and set up. It had to be quality and have enough space when set up to accommodate my backpacking gear. There were all sorts of information regarding tents published in different types of websites. Tent review websites proved my best sources of valuable information. They gave unbiased reviews of different types of tents. Within a short period, I had found and ordered for a hiking tent.

From my marketing experience, I noticed that out of the hundreds of websites reviewing camping tents, only a few provided their message effectively. I had unlocked a career opportunity. I would start a website reviewing and selling the best camping tents. I would also offer consultancy services to website owners who want to create more convincing content. My camping trip provided the opportunity to refine further on this career opportunity. Three months after the vacation, I was able to quit my draining job to fully focus on my backpacking tent reviews website which is doing quite well.

Elliptical Gift for Daughter


With my daughter’s birthday just around the corner, I figured I would get her something nice. She has always been a fan of sports, working out and trying to keep herself in shape. As she had practically no time to visit a gym, I thought it would be for the best if I went online and found her the best elliptical machine under $1000. I sat in front of the computer, put on my glasses and prepared myself to do a thorough research.

I do not have to say this to you but the Internet is filled with offers for elliptical machines. As I am not well acquainted with the specifications of elliptical machines, I had some trouble trying to decide. I did not know for certain how many levels of power incline an elliptical machine should have or what the height of the step on should be. My time spent on the Internet only managed to make me confused; this is when I decided to take on another approach. I talked to my daughter and came clean. This is when she redirected me to one of the best websites out there, pinpointing to several models she believed to be suitable.

Once I entered on this website, I found specific information for each product and I was finally able to decide on an elliptical machine. I chose one that had 20 levels of power incline, as I know she loves diversity. I also preferred that machine because of the natural motion promised and the low step on; I liked its design and the fact that it is not too big. My daughter does not have a lot of space and I needed to take that into consideration as well.

Yesterday, the elliptical machine was delivered to my daughter’s apartment. She called me immediately and said that she loves her gift. I am confident that she appreciates having the machine right in her home and she doesn’t have to go to the gym anymore in order to workout. She would just look at workout plans online. While browsing the website she pinpointed in the first place, I also considered the opportunity of getting an elliptical machine for myself. I need to keep in shape as well and I love shopping from the Internet. I can sit comfortably in front of the computer, take a look at the different offers they have available and order them with a few clicks on the mouse. I have already ordered my elliptical machine!